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December 21, 2017 / Klaas van Alphen
Category: Research Update 

New Research Reports December 2017

A listing of recently completed research reports is provided below.

Completed Reports on Energy Pipelines CRC website members’ area:

RP4-26: Technical and economic regulation

  • Interim report: The impact of economic regulation on long term safety outcomes.

RP2-12: Cathodic shielding under disbonded coating

  • Interim report: Detailed report on the results of the performance of selected coatings and the effects of CP and environmental conditions.

RP2-14: Pipeline condition monitoring sensors

  • Interim report: Detailed report on field research findings on the performance of the integrated Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring system.

RP2-15: Prediction-based decision support framework for energy pipeline integrity management

  • Interim report: Development and trial of integrity management system process.

RP2-16: Methods for assessing coating integrity and CP efficiency under complex pipeline conditions

  • Interim report: Evaluation and development of testing methodologies for assessing the coating integrity of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) pipelines.

RP3-13: EPCRC Fracture velocity model

  • Interim report: Validation of EPCRC fracture velocity model

RP1-04B: WMHACC of X70 Linepipe Steel

  • Interim report: Initial results and analysis of the modified WIC tests

RP1-06: Cracking in Polyethylene Pipelines

  • Final report: Mechanisms and property changes that lead to wall failure in ageing polyethylene pipes.

The following research report is currently out for industry review:

RP4-25: Hierarchy of controls

  • Final Report: Assessment of physical and procedural controls outlined in AS2885 used to protect pipelines against external interference

RP3-10: Emerging energy sources and their transportation

  • Interim report: Technical issues and knowledge gaps for pipeline transport of new fluids

RP6.2-05: High voltage holiday testing of dual layer FBE

  • Interim report: Test program results

Latest News

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CEO's Update December 2017

CEO's Update December 2017


David Norman reflects on a busy but productive 2017.

Research Highlights from 2017

Research Highlights from 2017


The Energy Pipelines CRC has had a productive year delivering research outcomes.

Energy Pipelines CRC PhD Graduates 2017

Energy Pipelines CRC PhD Graduates 2017


The Energy Pipelines CRC places a key emphasis on delivering industry ready graduates.

New Research Reports December 2017

New Research Reports December 2017


A number of new research reports have been available during December 2017

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