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November 30, 2017 / Matthew Byers
Category: Research Projects 

New Research Reports November 2017

A listing of recently completed research reports is provided below.

Completed Reports on Energy Pipelines CRC website members’ area:

RP1-06: Cracking in Polyethylene Pipelines

  • Final report: Mechanisms and property changes that lead to wall failure in ageing polyethylene pipes.

RP2-12: Cathodic shielding under disbonded coating

  • Milestone Report 7: Detailed report on the results of the performance of selected coatings and the effects of CP and environmental conditions.

RP2-13: Predicting pipeline failure through corrosion modelling

  • Milestone Report 4: Detailed report on model/software functionality and demonstration

RP2-14: Pipeline condition monitoring sensors

  • Milestone Report 7: Detailed report on field research findings on the performance of the integrated Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring system.

RP2-15: Prediction-based decision support framework for energy pipeline integrity management

  • Milestone Report 3 and 4: Development and trial of integrity management system process.

RP3-13: EPCRC Fracture velocity model

  • Milestone Report 3: Validation of EPCRC fracture velocity model

RP3-11B: Characteristics of natural gas pipeline blowdowns in built-up (populated) areas

  • Study E: Milestone 3 Report: Gas pipeline vent design and operation – Dispersion modelling 
  • Study F: Milestone 4 Report: Assessment and analysis of methods to reduce blow-down noise levels during pipeline venting operations in or close to populated areas.
  • Study G: Milestone 5 report: Study methods to reduce ignition potential in urban areas.

The following research report is currently out for industry review:

RP4-25: Hierarchy of controls

  • Final Report: Assessment of physical and procedural controls outlined in AS2885 used to protect pipelines against external interference

RP4-26: Technical and economic regulation

  • Interim report: The impact of economic regulation on long term safety outcomes

Latest News

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CEO's Update January 2018

CEO's Update January 2018


An update for Energy Pipelines CRC CEO David Norman

Energy Pipelines CRC research uptake in Australian Standards

Energy Pipelines CRC research uptake in Australian Standards


Energy Pipelines CRC research outcomes is often incorporated into Australian Standards proving long term benefits.

Recent Publications By Energy Pipelines CRC Researchers

Recent Publications By Energy Pipelines CRC Researchers


Energy Pipelines CRC researchers have had a history of quality publications both in scientific journals and at conferences.

New Research Reports January 2018

New Research Reports January 2018


A number of new research reports are now available on the Energy Pipelines CRC Website.

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