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September 29, 2017 / Fari Mahdavi
Category: Industry Support 

YPF Tour Trip Report Part One: Diamantina Power Station

On 14-15th September 2017, a young group of engineers who are members of the APGA young pipeliners forum (YPF) were lucky to visit the Diamantina Power Station and the Northern Gas Pipeline constructions. Fari Mahdavi and Cornelis van Niekerk from the Energy Pipelines CRC were invited to attend this tour. They have provided a report of the tour below.

Diamantina Power Station (DPS) is a large-scale gas-fired power station located in Mount Isa, Queensland which supplies the electricity to the north-western region of Queensland. The tour of DPS started with introducing the young pipeliners to the safety procedures and actions during the site visit followed by a brief presentation on the process of electricity generation in DPS.

The construction of DPS commenced in 2012 and the plant became operational in mid-2014. DPS operates two separate power facilities with shared infrastructure including the 242MW combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station and the adjacent 60MW open cycle gas turbine (OCGT) Leichhardt Power Station.

The YPF group continued the tour on the DPS combined cycle gas facility and were hosted by the manager of power plant. The DPS facility mainly includes two gas turbines, two twin pressure heat recovery boilers, and one steam turbine with the associated balance of plant and inlet chilling. For producing electricity, gas turbines mix the compressed air with the heated gas. The hot air-gas mixture moves through the fast-spinning gas turbine blades which drive a generator that converts the spinning energy into electricity.

The primary gas input to the DPS power station is fed through the Carpentaria pipeline. This pipeline network from Ballera to Mount Isa, constructed in 1998, consists of approximately 840 kilometres of the gas transmission network in the state of Queensland. The YPF group also stopped at the distilled water generation and storage unit which supplies the purified water input to the power station facility and mainly to the steam generator function.

The efficiency of electricity generation in DPS is managed effectively in a control room. In this room, engineers oversee the generators function to maintain their efficiency by employing computerised programs and software. The electricity supply is based on many factors such as the rate of the demand, standard limitations of burning gas emissions and etc.

The DPS supplies electricity to the local operating mines and people living in the region, and it is not connected to the national electricity market. North West Queensland might scope for further expansion of DPS as energy demands increase in the area.

Part two of this tour, which covers the Northern Gas Pipeline construction will be available in the October 2017 Energy Pipelines CRC Newsletter.

The group at the  Diamantina Power Station

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