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Research Program 1 - Materials

RP1-01A: Girth Welding - Review of NDE Options
RP1-01B: Online Monitoring System
RP1-02A: Effect of Restraint on WMHACC
RP1-02B: Effect of Microstructure on WMHACC
RP1-02C: Safe Envelope Modelling of WMHACC
RP1-02D: Effect of Consumable Chemistry on WMHACC
RP1-02E: Effect of Plastic Strain on WMHACC
RP1-03: High Strength Pipes/Pipelines
RP1-04A: WMHACC Scoping Study
RP1-04B: WMHACC of X70 Linepipe Steel
RP1-05: Cracking in polyethylene distribution pipe scoping study
RP1-06: Cracking in Polyethylene Pipelines
RP1-07: Cracking in Polyethylene and other Polymer Pipelines
RP6.1-01: Effect of Ti and N on HAZ
RP6.1-01B: Effect of Ti and N on HAZ Toughness Phase 2
RP6.1-02A: Industry Specification for Linepipe
RP6.1-03: AS2885.1 Toughness Review
RP6.1-04: Pipe Size Effect in DWTT
RP6.1-05: Review of Mechanised GMA Girth Welding of Pipelines

Research Program 2 - Coatings and Corrosion

RP2-01: Benchmarking Australian Pipeline SCC
RP2-02: Coatings to Minimise Corrosion
RP2-03: Cathodic Protection of Linepipe
RP2-04: Life Prediction and Asset Management
RP2-05: Tomography of Inclined Stress Corrosion Cracking
RP2-06A: Coatings Facility Phase 1
RP2-06B: Coatings Durability
RP2-06C: Coatings Facility Phase 2
RP2-06D: Coatings Facility Phase 3
RP2-07A: Benchmarking Pipeline Corrosion for Life Prediction
RP2-07B: Computational Life Prediction
RP2-07C: Pipeline Health Monitoring and Life Prediction
RP2-07D: Pipeline Operation Life Prediction
RP2-08A: Transient Loss of Cathodic Protection
RP2-08B: Transient Loss of Cathodic Protection Phase 2
RP2-09A: Mechanics of Inclined SCC
RP2-09B: Interaction of Inclined SCC Cracks
RP2-09C:Manufacturing processes for SCC resistance
RP2-11: Coatings Cracking and Disbondment
RP2-12:Cathodic shielding under disbonded coating
RP2-13: Predicting pipeline failure through corrosion modelling
RP2-14: Pipeline condition monitoring sensors
RP2-15: Prediction-based decision support framework for energy pipeline integrity management
RP2-16 Assessing coating integrity and CP efficiency of HDD pipelines
RP6.2-01: Lightning Damage of Energy Pipelines
RP6.2-02: Understanding SCC Initiation of Gas Pipelines
RP6.2-03: Understanding SCC initiation on gas pipelines - Phase II
RP6.2-04: Shore Crossing Cathodic Protection Test Program

Research Program 3 - Design and Construction

RP3-02A: Modelling of Decompression Waves
RP3-02B: Pressure and Thermal Transients Scoping Study
RP3-02C: Fracture Simulation of Gas Pipelines
RP3-02D: Measurement of Uncertainty in Hydrostatic Leak Tests
RP3-02E: Decompression Velocities in Rich Gas Mixtures
RP3-02F: Coupled Model for Fracture Propagation
RP3-02G: Pressure and Thermal Transients Phase 2
RP3-02H: Hydro Test Uncertainty Phase 3
RP3-02I: Fracture Control Software
RP3-02J: Fracture Simulation Phase 2
RP3-03: Corrosion by New Energy Fluids
RP3-04A: Future Energy Media
RP3-04B: Future Energy Fluids
RP3-05: GRE Pipeline Research
RP3-06: Assessment of Solar Fuels
RP3-07: Construction Strain Demand on Coatings
RP3-08: Dense Phase Decompression
RP3-09: Charpy Testing Machine
RP3-10 Emerging energy sources and their transportation
RP3-11A:Gas pipeline blowdown - Project 1
RP3-11B: Gas pipeline vent design and operation - Project 2
RP3-12: Pressure and Thermal Transients - Phase III
RP3-12A: Evaluation of transient models
RP3-13: EPCRC Fracture velocity model
RP6.3-01: Geotechnical Guidelines
RP6.3-02: Fugitive Emissions
RP6.3-04: Pipeline Uprating
RP6.3-05: Shore and Water Crossings Guideline 
RP6.3-06: Fluid Structure Interaction Modelling
RP6.3-07: Understanding Pipeline Damage Caused By Drilling Damage
RP6.3-08: Weeds Management
RP6.3-09: Concrete Mattress Design Guideline
RP6.3-10: Pipelines subject to occasional surface loads
RP6.3-10A: Pipelines subject to occasional surface loads - Phase II
RP6.3-11: Offshore Pipelines Decommissioning Guideline
RP6.3-12:Elimination of PWHT for in-service welding

Research Program 4 - Public Safety and Security of Supply

RP4-01: Safety Incentive Schemes
RP4-02A: Sociology of Safety
RP4-02B: Safety in Design
RP4-02C: Sociology of Safety Minor Work
RP4-03: Organisational Design (PhD2 ANU)
RP4-04: Land Use Planning
RP4-06: Industry Seminars
RP4-07: Urban Planning Around Pipelines
RP4-08: Understanding Pipeline Awareness
RP4-09: Increasing Regulatory Effectiveness
RP4-10: Understanding ALARP
RP4-11: Incident Reporting
RP4-20A: Third Party Risks to Pipelines - Part 1
RP4-21A: RMIT RP4 Program Leader Start-Up
RP4-22:Organisational safety seminars
RP4-23: Learning and decision making for improved process safety
RP4-24: Uptake of process safety research by industry
RP4-25: Effectiveness of External Interference Protection Controls
RP4-26: Economic and technical regulation
RP6.4-01: AS2885 Safety Management Study Benchmarking
RP6.4-02: Sociological Analysis of San Bruno
RP6.4-03: Intergenerational Studies
RP4-20B: Urban Planning for Pipelines

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