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The mission of the Energy Pipelines CRC (EPCRC) is to provide the Australian energy pipeline industry with the technology necessary to extend the life of the existing natural gas transmission network and to build better and cheaper networks necessary to support increased demand for energy.

Erwin and OliverThe mission of the EPCRC is realised via an extensive research program linked directly to industrial applications. New technologies will be created that will allow the operating life of the existing energy pipeline network to be extended. Technological innovations will also facilitate the construction of new pipeline networks, both for the expanding market of natural gas and for other emerging energy cycle fluids such as CO2 and H2 injected methane.

The industry relevance is ensured by close collaboration with the around 80 members of the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association’s Research and Standards Committee (APGA-RSC). These companies provide cash funds to the Energy Pipelines CRC and are the primary end users of the research. The RSC members identify research needs, participate in project steering committees and implement research outcomes through their companies as well as via membership of Standards Australia committees.

A full list of projects and their status is available here.

The research is broadly divided into four Research Programs (RPs):

RP1 – More Efficient Use of Materials for Energy Pipelines;
RP2 – Extension of Safe Operating Life of New and Existing Energy Pipelines;
RP3 – Advanced Design and Construction of Energy Pipelines; and
RP4 – Public Safety and Security of Supply of Energy Pipelines.

Included in the EPCRC is also an education program, aimed at educating and fostering the next generation of pipeline engineers.

All four research programs are well established and pipeline research projects are currently underway at each of the participating universities (University of Wollongong, University of Adelaide, Deakin University and RMIT University).

Research reports are available for APGA–RSC Members and EPCRC researchers via the Members Login. 

For information about becoming a member, or obtaining login details, please contact Energy Pipelines CRC Communications Officer: Matthew Byers

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CEO's Update June 2018

CEO's Update June 2018


The middle of the year is always an extremely busy time for the Energy Pipelines CRC team

Where Are They Now? Former PhD Students

Where Are They Now? Former PhD Students


Former Energy Pipelines CRC Research Students have gone onto fulfilling and successful roles both in and out of the Australian Pipeline Industry

Industry Impact Highlighted At Sydney Seminar

Industry Impact Highlighted At Sydney Seminar


The 17th Energy Pipelines CRC/APGA RSC research seminar was held in Sydney on the 27th June 2018

Registrations Open  for  Final Research Conference

Registrations Open for Final Research Conference


The Final Energy Pipelines CRC Research Conference will be held on 9th-10th July at the Waurn Ponds Estate.

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